From 11/29/2012 to 12/28/2012


07:22 pm Revision 988e217a: created new app roboclub crm. I will be working on user authentication and
the user model Julian Binder


04:09 pm Revision d1a4905f: added south for database migration
01:51 pm Revision 1a305335: initial commit of virtual python enviornment and django project. this should
create a fully reproduceable devolopment enviornment. for info see


04:04 pm Revision bbf2f5ad: Added flushing before write to rfid reader
And other various fixes and changes, which I don't remember. Changed
rfid reading to read every tick, but only try wr...
Thomas Mullins
03:59 pm Revision 8c95bbef: Changed read util to flush input and wait for reads to complete
Thomas Mullins
07:30 pm Revision d47be08d: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
07:29 pm Revision 94548bf4: Moved timing to time.c, and increased period of rfid polling
Thomas Mullins


01:24 am Revision 2f4e4add: initial commit of tooltron boards
Julian Binder


03:39 pm Revision 10936c07: Added current sensing to toolbox
Thomas Mullins


04:18 pm Revision 4b7d087b: Tool stops waiting for access response if id is removed
Thomas Mullins
03:50 pm Revision 420df25b: Added c program for reading from rfid reader on computer
Thomas Mullins
12:08 am Revision f5d1f56a: Added tool state TS_DENY, with red LED until card is removed
Thomas Mullins
12:02 am Revision 215b2fa6: Fixed timer error correction
Thomas Mullins


05:11 pm Revision 1085ef77: Made rfid.c more robust against false negatives
Also changed LED code to be more generally usable, and changed mainbox
to grant access to a particular user id instea...
Thomas Mullins


05:59 pm Revision 1b054655: Fixes. It tooltrons at a basic level now.
Thomas Mullins

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