From 09/11/2009 to 10/10/2009


03:35 pm Task #617: Buy Conduit
I'm getting 100ft, because its actually cheaper thanks to the price break Jimmy Bourne


03:52 pm Task #617: Buy Conduit
Hey jimmy buy this conduit off mcmaster 74115K4, I guess we should buy some thing like 75 ft
Paul Desiderio


11:18 pm Task #501 (Fixed): Update Wiki
Documented better than anything else I've documented before. Kevin Woo


02:52 pm Task #617: Buy Conduit
I recommend we purchase conduit like this:
Its cheap, will conform well a...
Paul Desiderio
02:46 pm Task #617 (Invalid): Buy Conduit
Conduit for the cables in the shop. Make sure there is enough room. Kevin Woo

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