Manual: http://www.crustcrawler.com/motors/RX28/docs/RX28_Manual.pdf

Endless Turn Mode

  1. Set the CW Angle Limit and CCW Angle Limit to 0
  2. Now you can set the torque in each direction by setting moving speed


Entering Bootloader

  1. Use RoboPlus Terminal
  2. Connect using some COM port, baudrate = 57600 bps
  3. Hold down Shift+3 (the "#" key) while powering on
  4. To enter bootloader every time it turns on, enter "SYS" at the bootloader terminal

Loading Code

  1. Enter bootloader
  2. Type "L" into terminal
  3. Files > Transmit File
  4. Select .hex file

Starting/Resetting program

  1. Enter bootloader
  2. Type "GO" to start program, or press the START button
  3. To restart, cycle the power or press the MODE button


Links for Serial IO