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8fa2bd2e 12/05/2012 06:14 pm Matt Bryant

Probably fixed the crashing bugs. Implemented floating point pickers.

01aa3b6f 11/19/2012 03:13 pm Thomas Mullins

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://

86b48573 11/19/2012 03:12 pm Thomas Mullins

Range sensors work now! :D

cccfdc54 11/19/2012 02:51 pm Thomas Mullins

Changed sonar to use 16 bit values, not 8

28999371 11/17/2012 03:40 am Alex Zirbel

Little cleanups.

4918cbee 11/17/2012 03:22 am Alex Zirbel

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://


04114d13 11/17/2012 03:21 am Alex Zirbel

Fixed teleop with new units, and changes the refresh rate to be closer to true m/s.

25694a03 11/17/2012 02:29 am Priya

Changes so that scout1 automatically spawns upon creation of the
simulator environment, and that line follow just continuously follows
lines instead of prior line-following-capability testing code.

ddfeb111 11/17/2012 02:15 am Priya

Fixing bugs with ghost scout (these were problems in odometry related
to constants in the simulator and coordinate frame and theta representation
in the simulator). Also made ghost scout translucent in order to differentiate

35d1885f 11/17/2012 01:16 am Alex Zirbel

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://


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