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2237e1f0 02/25/2013 07:37 pm Thomas Mullins

Changed motor max speed and added constants in set_motors.msg

The new speed range is -100 to 100, to be consistent with the pwm
driver. They can be accessed with motors::set_motors::MIN_SPEED and
motors::set_motors::MAX_SPEED respectively.

6ee555a3 02/14/2013 01:44 pm Priya

Changed scout constants to refresh faster. Also retuned linefollowing for faster refresh rate.

fa857318 02/13/2013 08:53 pm Priya

Fixed bugs with how the simulator was doing math for pose estimation.

dd065971 12/02/2012 07:06 pm Alex Zirbel

Fixed sonar out of range bug. Max range now at 9.144 m.

7f095440 11/30/2012 07:55 pm Priya

Sepearated refresh rate for scouts and for the simulator.

04114d13 11/17/2012 03:21 am Alex Zirbel

Fixed teleop with new units, and changes the refresh rate to be closer to true m/s.

35d1885f 11/17/2012 01:16 am Alex Zirbel

Merge branch 'master' of ssh://


6257c97d 11/17/2012 01:15 am Alex Zirbel

Continuing work on standardization of units.

16097fcf 11/16/2012 06:34 pm Priya

Added header guards to scout constants.

c63c9752 11/12/2012 09:40 pm Alex Zirbel

Scoutsim now has consistent units of m and m/s.

This will cause some problems.

  • Behaviors which relied on the old units will have to change. We need to change the Control classes to scale things right.
  • Encoder ticks are almost fixed, but not quite right (I think because of a rounding problem)....
6639ce9c 10/28/2012 05:58 pm viki

Edited Sonar to display points on simulator.

Changed rate of sonar scan to 0.5s
Made a new wxDC graphics object for sonar

a2e6bd4c 10/25/2012 10:02 pm Alex Zirbel

Added sonar, though it looks buggy.

Use sonar_viz to continue debugging and make sonar work!

50557e88 01/07/2012 05:10 pm Alex Zirbel

Added scout_constants.h to scoutsim

Previously missing file in last commit.