From 01/18/2014 to 02/16/2014


02:50 pm Revision f5548f32: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Yuyang Guo
02:48 pm Revision cda6b590: change BOM constants to near actual value
Yuyang Guo


05:40 pm Revision e4d78d85: Bugfixes so bom code compiles
Julian Binder
05:01 pm Revision 1b05b4cc: Finish up bom code cleanup
Aaron Perley
01:27 am Revision b2554c5c: Begin cleaning up bom code
Aaron Perley


04:05 pm Revision cbe25c0a: Wrote main bom code function
Thomas Mullins


03:01 pm Revision 68845e8e: ParkScout (2nd half of AutoParking Behavior) in Simular is working without end...
Hui Jun Tay


10:56 pm Revision fb9dad3d: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Hui Jun Tay


08:52 am Revision 7b94db2c: Fixed bug with BOM sensors reading from emitters (edge detection)
Added basic starter code for ParkScout behavior Hui Jun Tay


05:55 pm Revision 96c90dc4: fix multiple emitter signal pickup bug
Yuyang Guo
04:52 pm Revision b71f5bca: Working on ApproachEmitter
Yuyang Guo


06:55 pm Revision 1e84c699: fixed visualization range bug
Yuyang Guo
06:32 pm Revision 794038c2: fix out of range scout not updating BOM bug
Yuyang Guo
06:04 pm Revision 18800d29: added BOM emitter crappy (but working) visualization
Yuyang Guo
04:48 pm Revision a224a762: fix scout sim BOM sender id
Yuyang Guo
03:50 pm Revision 619a1b8d: fix emitter in range check crashing bug
Yuyang Guo

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