From 12/09/2012 to 01/07/2013


06:50 pm Revision f325b893: Added conversions abs_to_rel and rel_to_abs.
Also, added warnings after these conversions in the case that a requested speed has to be cropped.
Tested against a ...
Alex Zirbel


05:46 pm Revision 4e393fcc: Added code for unit conversion, pending tests.
Alex Zirbel
04:07 pm Revision f3549f76: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
04:06 pm Revision 9d9e04ba: Old little changes to sonar.
Alex Zirbel


12:08 pm Revision 4807b056: Adding a Priya custom scout.


07:11 pm Revision 280c6899: Changes to the encoder driver
It now uses an entry in sysfs instead of /dev. Also it now compiles. Thomas Mullins


07:16 pm Revision c0b686d7: Adding kernel patch for scout_power_off
Thomas Mullins


06:12 pm Revision 493cc515: Removed unnecessary extra code in motors node (oops!)
Thomas Mullins
06:12 pm Revision fcd68ec1: Fixed whitespace in motors node
Thomas Mullins
06:09 pm Revision 8913c26d: Fixed motors node to work around pwm driver bug
The node can now only do writes to /dev/pwm*, because doing both reads
and writes causes the fstream to try seeking, ...
Thomas Mullins

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