From 12/01/2011 to 12/30/2011


12:27 am Revision cef78c70: Created Behavior class and a sample behavior using the class. Not tested.
Priyanka Deo


10:34 pm Revision 15b7e607: Chaned libscout sonar code so that it turned sonar on and off when necessary.
Priyanka Deo


05:01 pm Revision ce8c3190: Integrated SonarControl into the libscout package.
Alex Zirbel
04:49 pm Revision 65c7f52b: Created SonarControl files. Not tested and therefore not included in libscout ...
Priyanka Deo
04:15 pm Revision 144137a1: Got motor control working with scoutsim
Behaviors can now use the MotorControl class to change the speed of the motors in the simulator. The simulator correc... Alex Zirbel


05:16 pm Revision d1cc615c: actually removing what I removed
05:10 pm Revision 42e8c915: Rewrote libbuttons to use objects (ButtonControl).
Also removed query_motors (motors node now responsible for publishing changes)
bugfix: removed -lmotors from manifes...


01:17 am Revision a8480867: Made a lot of changes to the general structure.
Applied object-orienting techniques to the code, cleaning it up considerably. Major design changes are as follows:
Alex Zirbel

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