From 10/13/2011 to 11/11/2011


02:26 am Revision b3fc8ce7: de-crapping the repository. Kids, don't git add * if you don't know what you'r...
Jeff Cooper
02:21 am Revision 836e2956: removed all the stuff from the compiler that I commited because I'm a moron
Jeff Cooper
02:13 am Revision 286daac2: Added a @todo
Jeff Cooper
02:12 am Revision dd4eb68c: Added the power node and skeleton
Jeff Cooper
10:47 pm Revision 8de28e68: Created structure for buttons node. Compiles. However event_button function is...


04:56 pm Revision cad1ab0c: Created ROS skeleton for Headlights node. Currently has functionality for gett...
Also, I haven't tried compiling this, but I didn't see any syntax errors. I'll compile it when I have a working ROS i... Ben Wasserman
09:59 pm Revision ceff1d29: Added a new bom node skeleton.
It works using one service that sends the goal bot and current bot in the
request and gets the information from the 4...
James Carroll


06:25 pm Revision 14736c0c: Updated motors.cpp and motors.h with small stylistic changes.
Ben Wasserman
06:23 pm Revision 7cb5de78: Updated encoder node code with preliminary driver functionality.
Renamed encoder_state.msg to encoders_state.msg.
Added functions to encoders.cpp to send message of current encoder s...
Ben Wasserman


11:44 pm Revision 3ef02dd3: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
11:35 pm Revision 85538662: Updated the sonar module prototype.
The biggest change to the proposed node is a restructuring of the sonar code style. Two services (sonar_toggle and so... Alex Zirbel
09:23 pm Revision 14241f84: Added Encoders and USB/Serial ROS nodes. Some of the functions in the
src/<node>.cpp files are not fully functional yet. Lalitha Ganesan


05:19 pm Revision 04f50f8a: Added buttons and cliffsensor ROS nodes. Everything except for src/<node>.cpp ...


09:19 pm Revision c9f87aaf: Added code inside motors.cpp to set and read individual speeds in different un...
Ben Wasserman
08:04 pm Revision 7cc78724: Merge ssh://
Ben Wasserman
08:03 pm Revision a5043132: Revert "fixed 2009 to 2011 in date"
I don't care about this, I'll fix it later.
This reverts commit 266c675837021b50b9c38d45ba9fdee4ffc35a54.
Ben Wasserman


07:54 pm Revision 266c6758: fixed 2009 to 2011 in date
Ben Wasserman


06:42 pm Revision ad0e9d48: Added a new Doxygen generator file.
To generate a "docs" folder containing all autogenerated Doxygen files,
install doxygen, then run "doxygen Doxyfile" ...
Alex Zirbel
06:39 pm Revision 18e2028b: Updated motors.cpp and motors.h to comply with coding standards and doxygen.
Changed the module comments so motors are properly labeled as a the motor module.
Chaned indentation to four spaces.
Alex Zirbel

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