From 09/18/2011 to 10/17/2011


06:42 pm Revision ad0e9d48: Added a new Doxygen generator file.
To generate a "docs" folder containing all autogenerated Doxygen files,
install doxygen, then run "doxygen Doxyfile" ...
Alex Zirbel
06:39 pm Revision 18e2028b: Updated motors.cpp and motors.h to comply with coding standards and doxygen.
Changed the module comments so motors are properly labeled as a the motor module.
Chaned indentation to four spaces.
Alex Zirbel


03:18 pm Revision 00842750: Edited manifest.xml and mainpage.dox to have better descriptions.
Ben Wasserman


10:29 pm Revision b64c27b7: Merge ssh://
Ben Wasserman
10:26 pm Revision 0121ead7: Added the ROS stack with the libscout, motors, and sonar packages to the repos...
Ben Wasserman


04:04 pm Revision c406f16b: Created first version of git repository; added libscout and motors packages.
The repository root is the ros directory, which contains the ROS stack for the scout project.
The included files are ...

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