From 03/07/2012 to 04/05/2012


04:57 pm Revision 07aef5d2: Changed board a bit to fix DRU issues for PCB fab. Changed upper dimension sli...
Julian Binder


10:17 pm Revision 7114b688: Changed capacitor package on the output of the switching regulators. The value...
Julian Binder


05:27 pm Revision de9a4ff7: Changed font size on some capacitors to make it more readable.
Julian Binder


11:09 pm Revision b67a9f36: Fixed DRC errors in reduced switching board
Preparing Julian's version of Scoutfly to ship out. Fixed a bunch of DRC
errors, but there are still a few. Nothing m...
Abraham Levkoy


12:07 am Revision 0bd4bb32: Added motor code for forklift, and fixed analog and i2c code after testing.
Thomas Mullins


10:29 pm Revision bc628a35: Merge branch 'master' of
Thomas Mullins
10:26 pm Revision 048ed7e1: Added analog.c for line following and linear pot
Most of the line following was copy-pasted from Colony 3. Still unsure
about prescaler, which used to be 2 for some r...
Thomas Mullins


07:58 pm Revision 73582e5f: Fixed a bug in the switching power supply circuit where diode was connect to F...
Julian Binder


08:17 pm Revision a675468b: Made changes that Abe recommended:
Fixed SHDN pin connection.
Changed inverter voltage level from 5V to 3.3V.
Modified PB Controller to have value displ...
Julian Binder


06:20 pm Revision cf941487: Deleted library that was unnecessary
Julian Binder
06:19 pm Revision ba8bd0b5: Added a new push button controller circuit. Uses new IC instead of solid state...
Julian Binder
10:05 pm Revision 8d6c686a: Added new switching power supply for 5V and 3.3V supplies. Routed board to inc...
Julian Binder

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