From 01/03/2012 to 02/01/2012


09:59 pm Revision 7f9670e3: Made a little progress on the gas gauge routing
Positioned some of the components in the gas gauge circuit, and
routed a few wires.
Thomas Mullins


02:51 am Revision d6199bd9: Started routing charging updated charging circuit
Routed some of charging circuit in updated Scoutfly. Modeled part
position after that on power test board. Moved diod...
Abraham Levkoy


09:55 pm Revision 51698c42: Fixed angle errors in Scoutfly power update.
Scoutfly power update now passes DRC. Abraham Levkoy


12:42 am Revision 54e8c05e: Moved power parts in Scoutfly layout
Moved parts for new Scoutfly power circuit from edge of layout to their
(very) approximate final locations. Changed t...
Abraham Levkoy


03:17 pm Revision b7bdc50b: Added Scoutfly files with new power circuit
Switched Scoutfly from old power circuit to new power circuit from power
test board. Did this in a new file so that, ...
Abraham Levkoy


06:51 pm Revision 14d1e574: Added power board CAD files, deleted autoroute
Added files used for manufacture of power test board. Removed copy of
power test board files used to run autorouter, ...
Abraham Levkoy

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