From 09/24/2011 to 10/23/2011


10:19 am Revision a433b5ff: solving some angle problems on scoutflu board
Yuyang Guo


05:32 pm Revision cf5c3070: Fixed some of the paths which are at unusual angles
Thomas Mullins
05:03 pm Revision ca0c1be9: fixing some of the angle problems in scoutfly.sch
Yuyang Guo
04:18 pm Revision 0f971c62: Revert "Test commit"
This reverts commit d2d61ecc68a436f01f7f85756ca0709399543268.
Test revert for demonstration purposes.
Yuyang Guo
04:16 pm Revision d2d61ecc: Test commit
Created a new file for demonstration purposes. Yuyang Guo


05:28 pm Revision 6aece861: Added kwoo's standalone charging schematic.
charging_test.sch is a standalone circuit schematic for a prototype to
test the charging circuit that will ultimately...
Abraham Levkoy


10:13 pm Revision b68f4fd7: Finished hooking up new gyroscope.
Connected pitch output of gyroscope to AVR and gave pitch an output LPF.
Added optional HPFs to both pitch and yaw ou...
Abraham Levkoy

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