Minutes 03-17-2010

Craig Ferguson


  • Grant stole it
  • grants sucks
  • we have SID
    • Sid...


  • april/may maybe?

Power Supplies


  • AC wires needto get plugged into wall
  • Jay, Jon, and Dan and JER get workin!


  • 5V@5amps
  • 12V@5amps

Carnival Performance


  • 30 minute setup
  • 30 minute performance
  • ~1PM saturday (first act of the day)


  • finish drums
  • fix two xylobot keys
  • fix broken fluto-finger


  • we can cancel
  • will we make it in time
  • will whamola make it in time

Richie Ps dad

Demo for schoolchildren

  • group of kids on fieldtrip
  • special demo, with technical Q&A available
  • he gave us (the good) half of richie p
  • he gave us the vibraphone
  • find location, get tech equipment?!?1
  • tentatively: friday after carnival (23rd!)
  • HOW LONG? 1hrs? 1.5hrs?
  • demo, lectures, stations


Apply for awards

  • Find awards to apply for
  • usually the STUDIO for creative inquiry

Register individually for symposium

  • you need to do that
  • lets go figure out how...

begin poster thoughts

  • who wants to do the poster!?
  • usually dshope does it, but someone else should learn how
  • ask dan shope how to print a poster
  • JON - using InDesign
  • possible vinyl or whatever roborchestra poster for carnival/other

apply for fall surg? (vibraphone?)

  • we can get up to another 1K
  • usually we only do 1 a year, do we want to make this a habbit?
  • can it hurt?
  • budget for surg is easy just ~30 solenoids, power supply, aluminum, arduino mega, and hammers
  • writeup is easily moddable
  • WHO

summer plans

  • you can help eric singer with LEMUR
  • you can try and get a SURF for us or you