From 04/03/2010 to 05/02/2010


05:21 am Task #1339: Whamola Demo Program
Program will use existing structure (text file for instrument commands). Need Burks or MikeS to edit the file (on W d... Dan Shope


07:48 pm Task #1339 (Invalid): Whamola Demo Program
We need a program for demoing the whamola at MOM. The features required are:
Buttons for each note the whamola pl...
Andrew Burks


05:22 pm Enhancement #1305 (Fixed): BatchPCB some relay boards
Design a standard (2 or 4 channel) relay board and get them fabbed at Barebones or BatchPCB
Use whatever is most r...
Dan Shope


09:15 pm Task #1246 (Fixed): Solder Relays for Snarebot Solenoids
Make the MOSFET relays for (2) snarebot solenoids.
These should take a 5V signal from Arduino pin and channel at l...
Dan Shope

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