From 11/11/2011 to 12/10/2011


07:46 pm Revision 0d1f85b5: auto-level in mikrokopter keyboard control
Chris Burchhardt


05:18 pm Revision d58012b5: fixing forwards/backwards, adding level function
Chris Burchhardt


05:28 pm Revision dd56aeef: Added ncurses for key input. It can now publish at a rapid rate because
the key input is non-blocking, and after it exits the terminal is not
screwy, but it's not an ideal solution because ...
Thomas Mullins
07:15 pm Revision 493cca7c: basic (not-yet-working) flight control via keyboard
Chris Burchhardt


04:34 pm Revision 8ecb9700: Added a keyboard control node.
The new file, keyboard_control.cpp, mimics the turtlesim keyboard reading. It responds to wasd, arrow keys, and "rf" ... Alex Zirbel
03:53 pm Revision da889457: Created nav_lib.cpp/h, with functions forward, backward, left, right,
and stop to set the mikrokopter's movement direction.
Replaced code in wasd_nav.cpp's main with forward(pub) and stop...
Thomas Mullins


09:54 pm Revision f07fd49e: adding libserial0 to rosdep.yaml -- not 100% sure this is needed, but this is ...
Chris Burchhardt
09:53 pm Revision 73ee1105: Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Chris Burchhardt
09:49 pm Revision a15ffaa4: adding simple app to make the quadrotor fly forwards a bit
Chris Burchhardt


05:15 pm Revision 4ed0de29: Added rosdep.yaml, to prevent future annoyances with libserial.


04:44 pm Revision e5af41b0: moving mikrokopter code from quad1 folder to root dir
Chris Burchhardt

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