Hooking Up the Board

  • Do not let any wires touch
  • Plugin ISP for programming, red wire towards the top of the board
  • Plugin power, brown is GND, white is VCC (5V - 7V)
  • Bottom LED is 5V power
  • Top LED is 3.3V power
  • Plugin Sonar by matching the wire colors correctly
  • Plugin XBee by matching the wire colors correctly
  • To switch between serial and XBee mode switch the position of the green wire loops (two of them)
  • If they're down (the empty slow in the header is the topmost pin) you are in XBee mode
  • If they're up you are in serial mode


  • You should get avrdude >= 5.5 (might work for older versions, but it doesn't work with 5.0)
  • plugin the ISP
  • type "sudo make program"
  • don't know about need to adjust the makefile to work on windows

Debugging over serial

  • Make sure the jumpers (the green things) are set to serial mode
  • Plugin the serial cable to the board and then the usb<->serial convertor to that and your computer
  • it should show up as /dev/ttyUSB0 in linux
  • use something like gtk term to dump out the information (will be the same as the wireless information)
  • baud is 9600, all other settings are the defaults