# Date Author Comment
b4e8837b 02/03/2010 11:44 pm Kevin Woo

Nevar board gerbers for manufacture

262b766b 05/01/2009 08:43 pm Kevin Woo

Added back in a line I deleted by accident.

65249b54 05/01/2009 05:08 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branches 'old_relay' and 'master' into old_relay


82a24877 05/01/2009 05:03 pm Kevin Woo

Deleted the old receive modificaitons.

ba3f4fd1 05/01/2009 04:57 pm Kevin Woo

Added makefile for the relay node

9150199f 05/01/2009 04:47 pm Kevin Woo

Revert "Revert "Chris's formatting changes to receive.c""

This reverts commit eba71c8c18a6473b27db4cd12448a7132c8bd449.

eba71c8c 05/01/2009 04:45 pm Kevin Woo

Revert "Chris's formatting changes to receive.c"

This reverts commit d27d4e62f0c91607ddb6b5129cc42c3594d0eb9d.

852969ee 05/01/2009 12:31 am Kevin Woo

Added reconnect code.

9026523e 04/30/2009 11:46 pm Kevin Woo

Changed relay nodes to open a connection once to the server rather than for every connection.

d27d4e62 04/30/2009 01:47 pm James Kong

Chris's formatting changes to receive.c

38fcae2e 04/27/2009 06:41 pm Kevin Woo

Fixed spellcheck problem

fba58933 04/27/2009 06:36 pm Kevin Woo

James' architecture png

3aa61405 04/27/2009 06:01 pm Kevin Woo

Merge ssh:///home/svn/opm

f391db9e 04/27/2009 06:00 pm Kevin Woo

Updated architecture drawing

192ea556 04/27/2009 04:20 pm Chris Mar

removed junk files from test directories.

5e2d0f83 04/27/2009 04:19 pm Chris Mar

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

873e5076 04/27/2009 04:17 pm Chris Mar

updated relay node code. now does hostname resolution of server.

8ca62c98 04/26/2009 05:34 pm James Kong

Added Time Expired text to lcd display

9764a2a0 04/26/2009 04:14 pm James Kong

Added max time to metertime code

9c763ae9 04/26/2009 03:44 pm James Kong

Removed cursor from LCD display code.

d199c442 04/26/2009 12:05 am James Kong

Added fancy LCD display and sonar restore. Tested, working.

5828c45c 04/25/2009 10:01 pm Chris Mar

added detection of unplugged xbee

d57e7fb5 04/25/2009 09:01 pm James Kong

Hacked a fix for the button interrupt trigger after enable. Tested, working.

cff8c1a6 04/24/2009 03:33 am James Kong

Changed timer2 interrupt to fix time skew. Changed sonar and button to allow periodic fix of status to OK. Removed references to wl_reset_countdown

ccf356fa 04/22/2009 08:44 pm Chris Mar

updated relay node code

29b2a3fc 04/22/2009 08:43 pm Chris Mar

added LED code

ff394dfd 04/20/2009 10:55 pm Chris Mar

added rangefinder and power testing code to code/tests/

57fcf829 04/20/2009 10:49 pm Chris Mar

added wl_do wireless code to repo. the main() I tested with is in main.c.wl. I hope this still works with James\' sleep code. There might still be some tinkering to do.

b5a3601a 04/20/2009 12:34 am James Kong

Refactored code for timer2 usage for power savings. Time.c/.h is now obsolete. Main.c trimmmed down. See Nevar.c for most of the control flow.

bc967d3a 04/19/2009 09:41 pm James Kong

Fixed hidden on sonar. Timer0 never stops interrupting.

9543eaaa 04/19/2009 08:50 pm James Kong

Added preliminary power saving modes. Sleep and wakeup work. Power savings untested.

9777998e 04/15/2009 07:20 pm James Kong

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

edc65548 04/15/2009 07:20 pm James Kong

added the atmega168 datasheet

fc6c07af 04/15/2009 05:22 pm Kevin Woo

Merge ssh:///home/svn/opm

1334350d 04/15/2009 05:21 pm Kevin Woo

Added top and bottom layout

83b6d0aa 04/15/2009 12:02 am Chris Mar

added experimental data presentation to repo

c5eee256 04/14/2009 04:14 pm Chris Mar

relay node will pass on button and sonar statuses now

516f2567 04/14/2009 04:13 pm Chris Mar

updated nevar code to include button and sonar statuses in updates

bb6d73a0 04/12/2009 07:04 pm James Kong

global.h added

e00d916a 04/12/2009 06:44 pm James Kong

Added DEBUGGING #define and global.h file

9e7f9a61 04/12/2009 06:14 pm James Kong

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

fb59355c 04/12/2009 06:13 pm James Kong

Fixed sonar ; bug. Removed debug statements. Tested and working.

342cf00d 04/11/2009 07:18 pm James Kong

Added in debug statements

ee2377c9 04/11/2009 06:30 pm James Kong

Added metrics timer functions. Untested.

60bd0116 04/11/2009 05:42 pm James Kong

Added error status for button and sonar. Untested.

56cff8be 04/07/2009 01:02 pm Kevin Woo

Generated gerbers for nevar, passes freedfm

db7da443 04/06/2009 02:36 pm Kevin Woo

Added rs232 tx/rx lines to the connector

541ea3e2 04/06/2009 02:32 pm Kevin Woo

Added max232 and power enable

5927d78f 04/06/2009 11:39 am Kevin Woo

Merge ssh://

696ecf97 04/06/2009 11:38 am Kevin Woo

Nevar board, does not pass dfm yet

f913ae04 04/05/2009 10:38 pm Chris Mar

relay node code that passes packet from meter to server. needs more thorough testing.

6ab172c9 04/05/2009 09:50 pm James Kong

Modified main.c to use LCD for debug output. Changed button.h to add 10 seconds per press.

fb9fb413 04/05/2009 08:42 pm James Kong

Added and tested code for wireless countdown. Fixed metertime bug. Modified button to use RTC for period button press handling. All tested and working.

97d4602b 04/05/2009 05:12 pm Chris Mar

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

c914c679 04/05/2009 05:11 pm Chris Mar

added packet type to packet data

346587fa 04/03/2009 09:05 pm James Kong

Integrated sonar with rtc. Tested and working.

983840f8 04/03/2009 06:56 pm Chris Mar

changed wl_send_update() to use presence and time accessor functions

d596702e 03/30/2009 10:21 pm Chris Mar

cleaned up code, added header include protection

96d2add6 03/30/2009 10:13 pm Chris Mar

fixed some bugs in wireless code.

75d84e17 03/30/2009 01:22 am James Kong

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

70a4d47e 03/30/2009 01:19 am James Kong

Added sonar_trigger_read code and tested sonar with button. Both work together. Yay!

5747c989 03/29/2009 08:59 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///home/svn/opm

f6e2c883 03/29/2009 08:26 pm Kevin Woo

Works without the ISP plugged in.

4129c696 03/29/2009 07:48 pm James Kong

Added skeleton code for sonar. Need to add timer code for range reading
and test.

867bfca9 03/29/2009 07:38 pm Chris Mar

added code that parses incoming packets from meters. still needs work.

76db201f 03/29/2009 07:14 pm Chris Mar

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

705c70c0 03/29/2009 07:12 pm Chris Mar

added wireless code that uses XBee in API mode. TODO: set XBee module in an init function, research coordinator/end device.

1f200e1e 03/29/2009 06:18 pm Kevin Woo

Converted code to use c99 types rather than ints and chars.

b1c58c71 03/29/2009 06:03 pm Kevin Woo

Can print ints out now as well as move to arbitrary locations on the lcd.

be89c228 03/29/2009 05:00 pm Kevin Woo

lcd_putc and lcd_puts now work

9d4f1a3f 03/28/2009 09:14 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///home/svn/opm

0f8eba95 03/28/2009 08:56 pm Kevin Woo

Fixed start sequence so that it boots more reliably

30c7a1b8 03/28/2009 08:26 pm Kevin Woo

LCD can now display ccharacters at will. Need to add helper functions now.

3de2abae 03/28/2009 05:09 pm Kevin Woo

Using a function to write the byte to the lcd now. Works to initialize a blinking cursor

99fa367e 03/28/2009 01:28 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///home/svn/opm into makefile

25da94e0 03/28/2009 01:25 pm Kevin Woo

Fixed clockspeed and removed firefly include dirs from Makefile

8773b25e 03/27/2009 09:56 pm Kevin Woo

Can get a cursor in the first position more reliably...still flitters around and breaks with a character

794b1921 03/27/2009 09:10 pm Kevin Woo

LCD Has a blinking cursor

37e452c0 03/24/2009 09:51 pm James Kong

Changed and tested button, metertime, time.c. Meter time works!

4b00df04 03/24/2009 12:14 am James Kong

Added initial code for button.c, button.h, metertime.c, metertime.h. Untested.

09166ca0 03/22/2009 05:58 pm Chris Mar

added xbee datasheet to repo

51b3451b 03/22/2009 05:22 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branch 'master' of ssh:///home/svn/opm

cd2437fd 03/22/2009 05:22 pm Kevin Woo

Added LCD datasheets

b1f21e04 03/22/2009 05:22 pm Chris Mar

added state transition diagrams v2 to repo

8a2c3565 03/22/2009 04:18 pm Chris Mar

midsemester demo/presentation added to repo

ca446e44 03/17/2009 08:38 pm Chris Mar

updated architecture_x diagrams

e872dbc8 03/17/2009 08:30 pm Chris Mar

midsemester demo code for 168 board

5d8ce8ae 03/17/2009 08:28 pm Chris Mar

server code added - midsemester demo

4d704d2f 03/17/2009 05:24 pm Chris Mar

added architecture diagrams with red x's

0713fbec 03/01/2009 04:15 pm Kevin Woo

Prelim sonar test

bfe32c60 03/01/2009 03:33 pm Kevin Woo

Makefile deletes .dep now

4a1ae262 03/01/2009 03:28 pm Chris Mar

Merge branch 'master' of :/home/svn/opm

11a70804 03/01/2009 03:27 pm Chris Mar

basic IR rangefinder working

d05b40cd 03/01/2009 02:44 pm Kevin Woo

spi.c and time.c are cleaned of atmega128 references, now compile but might not work

8a36471b 02/27/2009 04:13 pm Chris Mar

removed more compiled files

0e4486dc 02/27/2009 12:19 pm Chris Mar

updated analog file

0b656133 02/27/2009 12:05 pm Kevin Woo

Test working?

3c20c84c 02/27/2009 12:00 pm Chris Mar

test commit - a

b78b9b72 02/27/2009 10:58 am Kevin Woo

Added colony library in...pins might not match up.

85669498 02/27/2009 10:52 am Chris Mar

removed compiled files

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