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262b766b 05/01/2009 08:43 pm Kevin Woo

Added back in a line I deleted by accident.

65249b54 05/01/2009 05:08 pm Kevin Woo

Merge branches 'old_relay' and 'master' into old_relay


82a24877 05/01/2009 05:03 pm Kevin Woo

Deleted the old receive modificaitons.

ba3f4fd1 05/01/2009 04:57 pm Kevin Woo

Added makefile for the relay node

9150199f 05/01/2009 04:47 pm Kevin Woo

Revert "Revert "Chris's formatting changes to receive.c""

This reverts commit eba71c8c18a6473b27db4cd12448a7132c8bd449.

eba71c8c 05/01/2009 04:45 pm Kevin Woo

Revert "Chris's formatting changes to receive.c"

This reverts commit d27d4e62f0c91607ddb6b5129cc42c3594d0eb9d.

852969ee 05/01/2009 12:31 am Kevin Woo

Added reconnect code.

9026523e 04/30/2009 11:46 pm Kevin Woo

Changed relay nodes to open a connection once to the server rather than for every connection.

d27d4e62 04/30/2009 01:47 pm James Kong

Chris's formatting changes to receive.c

873e5076 04/27/2009 04:17 pm Chris Mar

updated relay node code. now does hostname resolution of server.

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