OS Updates

  • PREX Compiles, no shell screen
  • Next Steps
    • Joining dev community
      • Is it still alive?
  • OS Boots, Networking
  • Helps (Embedded OS)
    • Koopman, Priya, Anthony Rowe, Karthik, Cornell
Task Oriented Architecture
  • Individual robot level decision making
  • Structure of a program is defined by:
    • Verifiable tasks or sub goals
    • Functions/behaviors to achieve each goal
    • Environmental parameters, constraints
  • Priority Arbitration
    • Process kill or EStop
    • Remote control override
    • Cliff avoidance
  • Describes individual and global behaviors
    • Swarm robotics and parallel processing
    • Decentralized control
  • Basic AI for on-board decision making
    • Allows deviation from behavior templates
    • Enables adaptation to unforeseen events
    • Processes data from situational awareness and available resources (# devices, locations, etc.)