Meeting 102412

  • Our chalk is way more viscous than we expected
  • Rollers require contact and can get gunked up on pavement.

  • Debate hopper/ballpoint vs pump/nozzle designs
  • Begin design of attachment


Air gun
  • Fuel tank feeds by gravity a chamber with a compressed air tank, which then sprays the liquid

Agitated-air spray nozzle
  • Compressed air can providing pressure to fuel tank
  • Submerged tubing covered in holes to disperse pressure and agitate sediment

  • Like an automotive fuel system, a pump above the fuel tank pumps chalk out of the tank and into a nozzle.

  • Use sonar stepper motor to power sweeper at bottom of tank to agitate sediment

Common themes
  • Fuel tank
  • Tubing / Connectors
  • One way valves
  • Nozzle

  • Dimensions