Meeting 10/10/12

  • Figure out our capabilities
  • Brainstorm attachment ideas
  • Make sure battery stays attached!

  • Hopper/"dump truck" filled with liquid chalk or sidewalk paint
  • Hopper articulated up/down
  • Some sort of tip for delivering chalk to pavement
  • Deglobucombulator inside hopper for mixing / breaking up chunks
  • Removable hopper for cleaning and refilling

  • Viscosity of liquid chalk
  • Fragility of reattachable tips
  • Width of tips
  • How to move hopper on and off pavement (fulcrum or up/down)
  • Chalking on an incline

Delivery methods
  • "Grain hopper" variably sliding door
  • One or more paint rollers, ballpoint-pen style, for various line thicknesses

Sidewalk chalk
  • DIY from corn starch, food coloring and water/rum
  • Crayola Sidewalk Paint

Deglobucombulator inside hopper
  • Blender style
  • Egg-beater style
  • Long screw mixer

For this week:

  • Mix DIY paint

Gushen (sp?)
  • Build first approximation of hopper and roller out of wood

  • Look in to hopper manufacturing, e.g. injection molding, carbon fiber, urethane prototyping.