• Provide ESD protection for all ICs that don't have inbuilt (+/- 15 kilovolts)
  • Reverse current protection
  • Zener Diodes on stepper driver outputs
  • Sonar, encoders, motor drivers, accelerometer cliff sensors, and stepper driver are already included in $220 base system cost and are listed in the spreadsheet for information only.


  • Arm<--->AVR
    • UART
    • ARM programs the AVR, can cycle power to the AVR
    • ARM sends command packets to AVR
    • AVR configured to broadcast data packets at set intervals


(See AccessoryDesign for more details)

  • Must Identify Type
    • Use analog out to identify type of module
  • Networked
    • Can bus multiple modules together on the expansion port
  • Smart
    • Uses I2C && AVR Pins
  • Dumb
    • Only AVR Pins

AVR_ARM_Block_Diagram2.png (41.9 KB) Dan Shope, 12/05/2009 07:58 am