From 01/29/2013 to 02/27/2013


01:28 pm Revision b6e9debc (scoutece): Finished paintboard except for hole sizes and labels
Thomas Mullins


07:38 pm Revision d7c3c222 (scoutos): Encoders node now actually reads from hardware
This compiles but hasn't been tested on the Scout yet. Thomas Mullins
07:37 pm Revision 2237e1f0 (scoutos): Changed motor max speed and added constants in set_motors.msg
The new speed range is -100 to 100, to be consistent with the pwm
driver. They can be accessed with motors::set_motor...
Thomas Mullins


03:11 pm Revision 2e8030ea (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
03:08 pm Revision dcf49526 (scoutos): Overwrote the ROS sigint handler so now behaviours stop and die and ...
02:01 pm Revision 1e52c76b (scoutos): fixed died rosnode kill and added sonar viz
Yuyang Guo


03:05 pm Revision a283b65b (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
03:04 pm Revision 8741d18c (scoutos): Added cliffsensor/ROS code to main file (untested)
Thomas Mullins


01:23 pm Revision d5edd62e (scoutece): Even more paintboard progress
Thomas Mullins
11:32 pm Revision 414d2b48 (scoutos): Updated line follow code to make turns for Lab 2.
Also upgraded at_destination and LineSensor::destination() for Intro Lab 2. Alex Zirbel


06:18 pm Revision af7e0f94 (scoutos): Added new at_destination functionality.
Maze turns are buggy and are the next order of business. Alex Zirbel
05:43 pm Revision f37db1de (scoutece): Some progress on the paintboard schematic
Thomas Mullins
09:23 pm Revision 3ef60985 (scoutece): Finished initial paintboard schematic
Thomas Mullins


06:48 pm Bug #2134 (Fixed): Concurrency Issue with Behavior Overwrite
Priyanka Deo
06:48 pm Bug #2133 (Fixed): Adding scout with an empty name is bad.
Priyanka Deo
07:25 pm Bug #2129 (Fixed): Killing and respawning makes a scout uncontrollable
Priyanka Deo
07:20 pm Task #2112 (Fixed): Clean up GUI code
Priyanka Deo
07:19 pm Bug #2131 (Fixed): Resume button doesn't work
Priyanka Deo


03:57 pm Revision 40659cb8 (scoutos): More fixes to launch scripts (poorly written by Tom ;)
Colony Scout
03:48 pm Revision 0fb861bc (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Thomas Mullins
03:48 pm Revision e203e719 (scoutos): Fixed launch script error
Thomas Mullins
03:44 pm Revision 92019044 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Hui Jun Tay
03:42 pm Revision c06735bb (scoutos): Removed headers, sonar uses custom timestamp, added code to manually...
Hui Jun Tay
03:21 pm Revision 9873e344 (scoutos): changed GUI according to the new order to conform to
"rosrun libscout libscout <behavior#> <scoutname>"
Yuyang Guo
03:18 pm Revision 94ec93e0 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Yuyang Guo
03:16 pm Revision c467de4f (scoutos): running libscout behaviors without specifying a name should
make everything publish directly (e.g., to /set_motor instead of
/scout1/set_motor) and thus should work on hardware.
Yuyang Guo
03:04 pm Revision d2acabf3 (scoutos): Added rosscout.launch in libscout
On startup, it will now launch rosscout instead of rosserial. rosscout
includes rosserial, motors, encoders, and any ...
Thomas Mullins
02:45 pm Bug #2138 (Fixed): Look into timestamps in sonar
Turns out headers aren't automatically filled in. This may be creating a bug in the sonar code, which relies on times... Alex Zirbel
02:26 pm Task #2137 (Wontfix): Add roslaunch scripts
Once done with other things:
Make a bunch of launch scripts. One of them should start up all the sensor nodes; oth...
Alex Zirbel
02:20 pm Revision 18db4dfa (scoutos): cliffSensor edited
02:17 pm Revision 679f4e26 (scoutos): Freeing memory we allocate. Yay!
02:14 pm Task #2136 (Fixed): Change teleop_on behavior.
Change teleop so that the simulator ignores teleop commands if a behavior is running. Alex Zirbel
02:13 pm Task #2135 (Fixed): Remove headers from messages
Most .msg files have headers, which make it hard to spoof them on command line.
We should get rid of that.
Alex Zirbel
01:55 pm Revision 1ae55cee (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Julian Binder
01:55 pm Revision b3776a44 (scoutece): added new batboard to repo. also added new charge controller to the
library. Julian Binder


02:40 am Revision 206dc881 (scoutece): Merge branch 'master' of
Thomas Mullins
02:39 am Revision 7a0eefad (scoutece): Initial commit of paintboard (very unfinished)
Thomas Mullins


06:54 pm Revision 68b83291 (scoutece): finished charge schematic with exception of temp sense resistors.
Debating whether this is even necessary. Julian Binder


01:44 pm Revision 6ee555a3 (scoutos): Changed scout constants to refresh faster. Also retuned linefollowin...
08:53 pm Revision fa857318 (scoutos): Fixed bugs with how the simulator was doing math for pose estimation.


01:00 am Revision ab8736ac (scoutos): added teleop to GUI, should be able to choose which scout to control...
Yuyang Guo
12:22 am Revision 9a4d8398 (scoutos): New GUI should be working now! (run, pause resume should all work
pretty robustly). Teleop is not working yet... Yuyang Guo


04:29 pm Revision 01f09975 (scoutos): Partially done GUI rewriting GUI
now can only add and kill scouts freely but can do nothing else Yuyang Guo


05:12 pm Revision daf6a575 (scoutos): Added position to published sonar messages
Thomas Mullins
04:48 pm Revision 1ad3d43a (scoutos): Adding Upstart files to start roscore and rosserial
Thomas Mullins


03:09 pm Revision 8deb8e3f (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
03:08 pm Revision 35a71cce (scoutos): Adding 3 line following maps to the repository.
02:38 pm Bug #2134 (Fixed): Concurrency Issue with Behavior Overwrite
In, if you run a new behavior, the rosnode kill used to stop the old behavior will often kill the newl... Alex Zirbel
02:36 pm Revision 60a90290 (scoutos): \Fixed teleop to work with behaviors. Teleop currently has priority ...
Hui Jun Tay


04:16 pm Revision 60800b68 (scoutos): cliffSensor.cpp fixed.


06:47 pm Revision 164c2505 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
06:46 pm Revision fa5ca6e3 (scoutos): Fixed pause not working with the GUI. Also removed super annoying pr...
06:07 pm Revision 3493418f (scoutos): Removed 'priya_draw_name' include from BehaviorList.
Alex Zirbel
05:37 pm Bug #2082 (Fixed): Every behavior is instantiated when any is run
Priya is awesome and everyone should love her.
Fixed by putting the constructor of behaviors into the behavior lis...
Priyanka Deo
05:32 pm Revision e117f879 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
05:28 pm Revision b4865319 (scoutos): Adding to recursively clean subdirectories.
Alex Zirbel
05:16 pm Revision 80224838 (scoutos): Hacky fix to pause to work around issue that sending motor commands ...
04:54 pm Revision c15f2677 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
04:54 pm Revision faa11f08 (scoutos): Changed it so that all behaviors are not instantiated immediately. A...
03:53 pm Revision 07121480 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
Alex Zirbel
03:53 pm Revision d2dedb17 (scoutos): Bugfix to BehaviorGUI causing crashes.
Alex Zirbel
03:37 pm Bug #2129: Killing and respawning makes a scout uncontrollable
This probably occurs because when we kill a scout we dont stop running the existing behavior. If this is the case, it... Priyanka Deo
03:24 pm Bug #2122 (Fixed): Standardize encoders
Reasonably fixed - can't get it more precise without hardware testing anyway. Alex Zirbel
03:23 pm Bug #2132 (Fixed): Delay before motor commands start
Alex Zirbel
03:23 pm Bug #2132: Delay before motor commands start
Fixed by adding a latch to the ROS service advertising. Alex Zirbel


08:09 pm Revision 360e3b6c (scoutos): Fixed segfault from LinesensorControl when the service call failed
Thomas Mullins


04:56 pm Revision 066b08bb (scoutos): Adding Charles's headlight code
Thomas Mullins
08:09 pm Bug #2131: Resume button doesn't work
Documented in code Priyanka Deo
08:09 pm Bug #2129: Killing and respawning makes a scout uncontrollable
Documented in Code Priyanka Deo
07:18 pm Revision cfdb3afa (scoutos): Added latching to publishers so the first message gets noticed.
Alex Zirbel


06:05 pm Bug #2133 (Fixed): Adding scout with an empty name is bad.
Because it can't be killed. Don't let it be added. Alex Zirbel

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