From 08/09/2012 to 09/07/2012


03:03 pm Revision 69c2203a (scoutos): Added check bits back into BOM. oops...
Thomas Mullins
03:01 pm Revision 31f4a032 (scoutos): Some fixes to BOM, which is now tested and it works
Thomas Mullins


06:58 pm Revision f115416e (scoutos): Added initial BOM code
Only the sending code has been tested; receiving will soon be tested as
Thomas Mullins


05:52 pm Bug #2056 (Fixed): Fix and test 2nd sonar on scout_avr
Thomas Mullins
05:42 pm Revision 807483bf (scoutos): Fixed range sensor code to support 2
Also, tested (with only one sensor) and it seemed to work adequately. Thomas Mullins


11:31 am Bug #2056 (Fixed): Fix and test 2nd sonar on scout_avr
Add check for read_INT0 vs read_INT1 in on_edge, then test it. Thomas Mullins

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