From 01/11/2012 to 02/09/2012


04:35 pm Task #1993 (Fixed): Design Forklift in Solidworks
Have a model of a functioning forklift that can be built out of plastic. Parts should be spec'd from a supplier. Moto... Julian Binder
01:26 pm Task #1909 (Fixed): Merge Mailing Lists
Priyanka Deo


10:08 pm Revision d8caf546 (scoutos): Moved outboundVectTable to navigationMap and filled out the code for...
07:14 pm Revision 9143e077 (scoutos): lineFollow functions for Scout.
Lalitha Ganesan
07:08 pm Revision 9295436d (scoutos): The lineDrive function from the colony 3 bots that has been modded t...
James Carroll


06:52 pm Revision 3ac7a078 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
06:51 pm Revision 0e6831f5 (scoutos): Initial ported traffic navigation code.
06:21 pm Revision 24145262 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
06:21 pm Revision 46587b36 (scoutos): navigationMap prototype for Scout
11:29 pm Revision 45a31aca (scoutece): Mostly finished routing the regulator circuit
Thomas Mullins


09:59 pm Revision 7f9670e3 (scoutece): Made a little progress on the gas gauge routing
Positioned some of the components in the gas gauge circuit, and
routed a few wires.
Thomas Mullins


02:51 am Revision d6199bd9 (scoutece): Started routing charging updated charging circuit
Routed some of charging circuit in updated Scoutfly. Modeled part
position after that on power test board. Moved diod...
Abraham Levkoy


04:58 pm Revision 9f547ef7 (scoutos): Added scoutsim support for encoders.
To see the query_encoders.srv (used for accessing this data) in action, use: rosrun libscout test_encoders. You will ... Alex Zirbel


10:37 pm Revision 95bede66 (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
10:35 pm Revision c460d4c2 (scoutos): Changed deconstructor for behavior list because I discovered vector:...


09:55 pm Revision 51698c42 (scoutece): Fixed angle errors in Scoutfly power update.
Scoutfly power update now passes DRC. Abraham Levkoy


09:36 pm Revision 9c0008d0 (scoutos): Fixed CliffsensorControl, now actually part of Behaviors


04:06 pm Revision 94a3af93 (scoutos): Committing changes that were not previously committed. Also got rid ...


12:42 am Revision 54e8c05e (scoutece): Moved power parts in Scoutfly layout
Moved parts for new Scoutfly power circuit from edge of layout to their
(very) approximate final locations. Changed t...
Abraham Levkoy


03:17 pm Revision b7bdc50b (scoutece): Added Scoutfly files with new power circuit
Switched Scoutfly from old power circuit to new power circuit from power
test board. Did this in a new file so that, ...
Abraham Levkoy


06:51 pm Revision 14d1e574 (scoutece): Added power board CAD files, deleted autoroute
Added files used for manufacture of power test board. Removed copy of
power test board files used to run autorouter, ...
Abraham Levkoy
06:24 pm Task #1950 (Worksforme): Replace out-of-stock LDO on Scoutfly
Scoutfly uses an LDO (MCP1702, I think) that was in low stock across several distributors last time I checked. Determ... Abraham Levkoy
03:53 pm Bug #1533: Resize drill holes for USB Mini B
I think I will consider this task done when I have changed the part to a surface-mount device as on Colony 3. Abraham Levkoy
03:52 pm Bug #1585 (Fixed): Fix DS2786 Footprint
The DS2786 appeared to fit well on the power test board. I think the footprint currently in the library is correct. Abraham Levkoy


02:27 pm Revision ba0d744f (scoutos): Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
02:26 pm Revision c239584b (scoutos): New behavior implementation that uses a list of behaviors to command...

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