From 08/10/2011 to 09/08/2011


02:50 am Task #1727: Update Boards on Eagle
Made some of the simpler changes to the Scoutfly Eagle files. Could not push them to the master repository due to a p... Abraham Levkoy
02:19 am Task #1733 (Fixed): Compile list of changes for ScoutFly
Added part number of new gyroscope to [[ScoutflyUpdate2011]]. It doesn't seem to be in the Sparkfun library, so I gue... Abraham Levkoy
01:56 am Revision d374c1a4 (scoutece): Began fixing bugs for Scoutfly fixup.
Made several of the changes listed on wiki page ScoutflyUpdate2011. In
Removed R4 and connected pin 4 on ...
Abraham Levkoy

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