From 08/03/2010 to 09/01/2010


01:47 am Bug #1385 (Fixed): Scoutfly mounting holes to ground plane
from kwoo:
"Just swap out the part in the schematic and put them in the right place on the layout
you need to make ...
Dan Shope


10:35 pm Task #1381 (Fixed): acquire ATMega 128RFA1 chips
in stock here w/ a 12 to 16 week lead time
Dan Shope


03:39 am Revision 561596fa (scoutece): changed the value on the accessory detect pin resistor divider to a...
Kevin Woo
03:31 am Revision 14ab72d8 (scoutece): added silk, fixed layout bugs
Kevin Woo
02:19 am Revision f397fa03 (scoutece): Added some more ground planes on the unused bottom layer
Kevin Woo
02:01 am Revision 3f08631a (scoutece): Layout completed. Need to fix silk
Kevin Woo

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