From 04/30/2009 to 05/29/2009


04:40 pm Task #512 (Fixed): Backup Files into Repository
Scout repository has been set up on roboclub8 server. Backup SolidWorks files and other documentation/research into S... Anonymous
04:33 pm Task #511 (Fixed): Power Distribution
Create power distribution blocks for four motors, four encoders, and 5 IR sensors. Additional ports should be availab... Dan Shope
04:32 pm Bug #510 (Fixed): Add encoder access holes to SolidWorks Model
As per, (8) rectangular holes need placed in the baseplates for header acce... Anonymous


12:30 pm Task #504 (Fixed): Reading Quadrature Encoders
Arduino Mega only exposes 6 ext interrupt pins, but we need 8 for all four encoders. As per discussion with A. Buchan... Anonymous

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