High level software - Priya

  • I don't remember
  • Misty rewrote odometry
This week's goals
  • Further debugging of the smart-run-around behavior
  • Fixing intro lab bugs
  • Test odometry on the scout
  • Get python scripts working

Mechanical - Peyton

  • Enlisted help with model making.
This week's goals
  • Manufacture model.
  • Begin gathering molding supplies

Board - Julian

  • Parts and board came in for battery board
  • Board came in for PaintBoard
This week's goals
  • Order PaintBoard Parts
  • Make and test new battery board
  • Order power regulation module and encoders from Polulu

Low level software - Tom

  • Fixed Upstart (mostly. rosserial may still not work)
  • Tested cliff sensors with ROS
  • Got wireless boards and some code for testing
This week's goals
  • Test wireless code
  • Stepper homing
  • Maybe start paint board code

Lab 2

Due today?