High level software - Priya


  • Motors now turn off
  • Message headers replaced with nothing or time stamp
  • Code complete for smart runaround
  • Script for autogenerated behavior files (done?)

This week's goals

  • Debugging smart runaround code
  • Fixing roslaunch scripts
  • Encoders and Odometry

Mechanical - Peyton

This week's goals
  • Create a CAD model of our tank for printing

Board - Julian

  • Finished and ordered paint board
This week's goals
  • ?

Low level software - Tom

  • Working with high level software team more
  • Diagnosed permissions problem with Upstart
  • Wrote encoders node
  • Cross-compiling code might be infeasible/more work than it's worth. It would need to include building ROS's core libraries too :(
This week's goals
  • Test wireless code
  • Fix Upstart
  • Stepper homing
  • Maybe start paint board code

Lab 2

Now due the week after spring break. Extra time! Woo hoo!