Meeting Minutes February 14th

Announcement: Happy Valentine's Day!

Subgroup Updates

Software Team - Priya

  • New GUI
  • Bug Fixes for simulator
  • Better integration of Teleop and Behaviors
This week's goals:
  • Try to get the software working on hardware
  • Make progress towards SURG behavior

Mechanical Team - Peyton


  • Printed sonar tower cover
  • scout with reservoir.SLDASM
This week's goals:
  • 1.0 prototype due Feb 21st
  • Get self-priming pump

Board Team - Julian


This week's goals:

Low Level Software Team - Tom

  • Roscore and rosserial now launch on boot
  • Behaviors almost work
  • More cliff sensor construction?
This week's goals:
  • Test wireless
  • Run a behavior on the Scout
  • Stepper homing
  • Attach cliff sensors and test them

Intro Lab 1

Demos today! Good luck.