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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Category % Done
1577TaskFixedUrgentInstall MUX boards and Line Following SensorsNico Paris12/15/2011 07:12 pmTraffic Navigation

1486TaskFixedNormalCreate a MUX for sensorsNico Paris10/22/2010 05:08 pmHardware

1407TaskFixedLowLook into new batteriesNico Paris10/05/2010 08:27 pmHardware

345TaskWontfixNormalCircles in EnvironmentNico Paris10/02/2010 07:25 pmSimulator

340EnhancementFixedTabledRespin the XBee DonglesNico Paris09/30/2010 07:52 pmHardware

332TaskWontfixNormalEnvironmentsNico Paris10/02/2010 07:11 pmSimulator

327TaskFixedLowSimulate RangefindersNico Paris03/21/2009 12:51 pmSimulator


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