Quadrotor: MikroKopter First Flight!

Added by Alex Zirbel about 3 years ago

We switched from our home-built device to the MikroKopter ( shown here. This is our first flight with the newly-built quadrotor; it handled nicely and everything went well.

It's flown via remote control so far, but we're planning to add a Kinect and fly indoors autonomously. Check out more at!

Check out the video here!

RobOrchestra: Meeting of the Minds 2009

Added by Dan Shope over 5 years ago

The RobOrchestra team took home an award from the Studio for Creative Inquiry at the 2009 Meeting of the Minds for the third year in a row! Everyone worked especially hard this year to make the robotic musicians come to life and still have many more ideas for future projects. We hope to bring it again for 2010!


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