Mike Ornstein's activity

From 10/22/2010 to 11/20/2010


05:31 pm Quadrotor Enhancement #1604 (Assigned): Fix the Quadrotor
The carbon spars are quite dead. Make them less so.
Some of the motors are also quite dead. Replace the dead'ons.
Mike Ornstein
05:20 pm Quadrotor Task #1601 (Wontfix): Make Website
CMUQuadrotor.com ought not direct to my personal site. Make a new site, make it pretty! Mike Ornstein
05:15 pm Quadrotor Task #1600 (Assigned): Make Wishlist of Parts
Mike Ornstein


12:38 pm Quadrotor Task #1509: Make Quadrotor Logo
Took some of Alex's designs and applied CAD stuffs.
Some ideas attached:
Mike Ornstein


12:00 pm Quadrotor Task #1535: Cut and Post Videos
CMUQuadrotor Introduction video posted.
CMUQuadrotor: "A Robust Platfo...
Mike Ornstein

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