Wirelessly Controlled Testing Unit

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WCTU(Wirelessly Controlled Testing Unit) aims to combine an oscilloscope and power supply into one unit that is both portable and can be controlled through a WIFI network.

High end oscilloscopes and power supplies have a wide range of electrical characteristics, but are too expensive and bulky for use outside the laboratory. WCTU transmits its data via wireless, so there is no need for a physical interface. By lacking LCDs and LEDs, power usage is reduced and costs are conserved. Controlling these devices wirelessly allow several to operate in a "swarm," each pulling data from different parts of the system being tested. In addition to a client being able to connect to several devices, several clients can connect to one device. As a result of this digital control, the display of data can be controlled by the user and customized to their liking. A client library will be distributed to the user allowing them to display and perform filtering on the data as the individual projects that use this device call for them.

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