Tank Chair

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The goal of this project is to combine the power and versatility of an all-terrain drive drain, with the elegance and grace of an executive leather chair.


The operator sits in a desk chair, and operates two rubberized snow blower tracks via a joystick built into the chair's hand rest. The chair is designed to accommodate a large payload, so almost anyone can operate it. Plans for the future include dynamic suspension, autonomy and the ability to summon the chair from a key fob.


The frame is made from tubular and plate steel with spring-loaded aluminum chain tensioners and #420 motorcycle chain connecting 2 large wheelchair motors to 2 rubberized tank-style tracks from a snow blower. The motors' shafts are extended via threaded bronze extensions. The motors will be driven by 2 Open Source Motor Controllers connected to an Arduino microcontroller. Good power density and battery life is achieved by way of lithium batteries packed inside of the chassis. The rider sits atop an executive leather chair specially modified to fit the drive train and accommodate one joystick or 2 levers for motor control.

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