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Welcome to the HyLo Project. This project group is about making robotic platforms that explore interesting ways to move around and do useful things. Originally the group set out to construct a relatively small robot capable of climbing up steps. This was seen as a problem for robots of similar size who only rolled along on wheels. To solve the issue of climbing stairs we built a robotic platform that has four legs as well as powered wheels to traverse large obstacles. Typically a robot can not climb anything taller than about half the diameter of its wheels, but by being able to pick up a foot and place it over an obstacle the usefulness of the wheel is extended. To further the idea of unbounded mobility we will be progressing the project upwards, literally. HyLo's new challenge will be to climb a tightrope and a ladder as well as be able to walk and roll.

Project Goals

  • Capable of walking up steps (eventually) Capable of balancing itself
  • Strong enough to perform climbing tasks
  • Built with modular feet in mind

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