Fun With Robots

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The most up-to-date course information is now being kept on Blackboard, but here you can find many sample lectures and code, although some things may be a bit outdated. If you would like more information or material, please contact us.


Lectures in Fun with Robots are rather informal and follow a "tell me, show me, let me do it" {citation} approach. On days when lectures are delivered, basic concepts are introduced, and some example starter code is passed out. There is also available a pre-configured robot with the starter code running, to give students an idea of the lab's progression. With this, students are encouraged to begin experimentation, with the instructors and their peers to help if they get stuck.

Here are some of the lectures used in Fun with Robots. They are in both PDF and Microsoft Powerpoint format.

Sample Code:

Sample code is provided for every lab in Fun with Robots. Some of this code can be found here. Code is written in C, and compiled using AVR-GCC, with custom libraries for the Firefly microcontroller board.

Advanced Documentation:

Here is more advanced documentation, including the Firefly library reference, electrical and mechanical details, and information regarding our instantiation of the compiler installation.