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These are the projects currently being undertaken in the Colony project. They are larger in scope than behaviors and aim to add functionality to the robots.

Dynamic Traffic Navigation

Design and build a mock city environment and use the Colony robots to solve traffic challenges like navigating an intersection, passing on a highway, and documenting an unexplored area.

Diagnostic Station

Design and build a station to test basic robot functions.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Use the simple Colony sensors to perform advanced tasks such as map out its environment.

Autonomous Recharging

Create the subsystems to allow a Colony Robot to determine whether its battery is low and seek a recharging station to recharge.


Simulate multi-robot behaviors in a simulated real-world environment.


Control the Colony remotely via the Internet. Aims to allow for remote monitoring and task queuing.

Range, Bearing and Orientation Module

Enhance the current Bearing and Orientation Module to incorporate more features and report range.

Wireless Communications

A portable library to allow for communications over the Zigbee protocol using the Colony token ring.