| behaviors

Behaviors aim to show off and use the functionality of the robots. At any given time many behaviors are being programmed. Below is a list of completed behaviors.


Here the robot colony moves in single file following one robot (the red leader robot in this image). This is accomplished by using the BOM and wireless token ring to let each robot determine the bearing to its predecessor. If robots are physically moved in the world, they will regain their ordering.

Cooperative Maze Solving

Several robots are arranged randomly throughout a maze, and all of them want to get out. When one robot can see the exit, others can follow it to move in the right direction, and eventually form chains of robots following each other toward the exit. Thus, the robots are able to guide each other toward a specified target. Using this principle, the colony can perform tasks in environments where overall visibility is limited.

Obstacle Avoidance

Robots are able to navigate in an arena that may have obstacles. A variety of sensors are used to detect obstacles.

Marching Band

A group of robots are programmed with different parts in a song and a sequence of moves. The robots synchronize over wireless to march and play together as a marching band.