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The goal of the Braitenberg project is to have 5-6 teams build projects based on the thought experiment vehicles of Valentino Braitenberg. These robotic creations will exhibit intelligent behaviors and will go on display in the Robotics Institute.

Current projects:

  • Photovore/phobe Table:
    This project consists of 6 robots that react to light. Three of the robots love light and drive towards it and the other three fear light and drive away from it. Lights mounted around the edge of the table turn on and off causing the robots to react to them. Markers mounted on the robots draw the robots paths throughout the day.
  • Dance Floor:
    A group of robots that love one color and hate another drive around on an illuminated floor that changes color. As colors changes the robots stop on colors they like and run away from those they don't.
  • Sound Tracking Headbot:
    This robot turns to look at the loudest sound in a room. When set in the middle of a conversation the robot will turn to look at whomever is talking.
  • Cat and Mouse:
    One robot constantly chases the other in a never ending game of cat and mouse. Using infrared light one robot runs while the other chases.
  • Mother Robot:
    This robot reacts to sound to run away from people protecting an egg which it carries around.

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