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The goal of this project is to build an automated book scanner which allows club members to digitize their textbooks. Instead of breaking your back carrying books everywhere, or forgetting them at home, you keep them on your laptop or cloud service as PDFs, accessible from anywhere!


The book is placed in a V-shaped cradle for scanning. A transparent platen is lowered to flatten the pages parallel to the camera plane, and two cameras capture the left and right pages. The platen is raised, and three servos actuate to turn the page: one curves the page up by pushing on the corner with high-friction rubber, while another pair inserts a low-friction arm underneath the page to push it over. The process repeats until you have photos of each page, which can be automatically cropped and processed into a single file using existing software.


The frame is made from structural aluminum tubing and angle beams, with transparent acrylic used for the cradle and platen. The design is inspired by the many which precede it, from commercial enterprises ( to Hobbyists and DIY'ers ( who work tirelessly to fill the internet with ideas and lessons from their own book-scanner-building experiences.

Photo: Chuck Russell (used with permission)

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