Air Hockey

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The joy of sport is a unique human activity not shared by robots. The goal of this project is to develop an unbeatable air hockey playing robot that can enjoy playing the game while serving as a research development platform for human computer interaction.

This project attempts to integrate visual monitoring with fast mechanical response in the form of an air hockey playing robot. Using an overhead camera, the puck is tracked as it moves around the table. With the movement information of the puck the robot will then attempt to block the puck from entering its goal and will try to score on its opponent's goal.


The Air Hockey Robot is powered by a 2.4Ghz dual core AMD Athlon 64 based computer with 4GBs of memory running 32Bit Windows 7. Additionally two 80Mhz octal core Parallax Propeller chips provide motor control for the mechanical armature the Air Hocky Robot's paddle is attached to.

The table's electrical system is powered by three high efficiency switching power supplies providing 24Vdc @ 6.5A, 12Vdc @ 21.5A, and 5Vdc @ 3A.

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