Robotics Club Sponsorship Presentation Session


The club is offering two $500 project sponsorship awards for current club members. If you are interested in funding to start a new project or continue a current one, there will be a presentation session this Sunday (October 11th) at 3pm (location TBA) where you can present your project ideas to us. To apply, please send a short abstract (a few sentences) about your project proposal to us at officers AT roboticsclub DOT org by Wednesday October 7th. This abstract should just be a brief overview of your project. For the presentation, we will require more detail about your project:

  • Project Overview - this should be similar to your abstract
  • Current Team Members and/or Plans for Recruiting Members
  • Timeline
  • Budget - a list to justify your use of club funding
  • What do you want from officers? - besides funding, what will you need from the club officers? equipment? publicity?
  • Why do you deserve funding? - is your project a cool, new idea? will it provide a good experience (learning or otherwise) for its members?

Again, please send your submissions to officers AT roboticsclub DOT org. You can also direct any questions you have to the same address.