Robotics Club E-Week Involvement


National Engineers Week (E-Week) was this past week, February 19-25. The stated goal of E-Week is to "Celebrate the positive contributions engineers make to society" so the robotics club set out on a mission to reach out and raise awareness about the robotic engineering around the Pittsburgh community.

During the weekend before E-Week even started the robotics club hosted a group of Boy Scouts in the club room. With the ultimate goal of teaching the Robotics merit badge, the Scouts learned about robotic components, competitions, and professions.

Right before E-Week, the CBC late night group welcomed several engineering clubs from around campus into a showcase at their casino night event. The robotics club was present with Xylobot from RobOrchestra and some Colony robots as well.

The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) hosted an event on the Sunday during E-Week to showcase engineering to youngsters from around the area. Once again, Roboclub represented the robotics side of engineering with a few of the club projects doing their demos for the kids.

Wednesday evening during E-Week, SWE hosted another event on campus with several of the engineering and design clubs attending. Members of the community participated in trivia competitions about the history/activities of the represented clubs.

Engineering Week was a fantastic opportunity for the Robotics Club to showcase our projects and members to the community. We look forward to National Robotics Week (April 7-15) and the Carnival/Mobot activities that come in the following week.