New Website 2010


So what's going on here? Our old website got high marks for functionality and reliability, but was lacking in the style department. Rather than put lipstick on a pig, we started with a brand new codebase that serves up the pages quickly in a prettier package.

Accessibilty was a big theme for the new design. We started by moving the navigation to the top of the site, and giving each subsection a larger slice of screen real estate. You can browse the individual sections of the site more easily, and are encouraged to explore. A few of the re-designed areas of the new site are highlighted below.


new vs old

Previously a list of outdated news items, the homepage now sports a real-time calendar of events, the @roboclub twitter status, and a featured project article. We plan to push updates on our projects more frequently, so check back often!


New Projects Page

The projects area of the site is now expanded, with more information about each project to better educate the public about what we do as a club. Our members put in a lot of hard work, but much of that effort was locked away in our hard drives. Projects now have integrated photo and video galleries tied into YouTube to easily show off their work. Each project also acts as a mini-site, enabling projects to embed more information than ever before.

T Shirts

Roboclub tshirts are very popular with members and alumni. T-shirts are designed by our members and voted on during our annual spring design competition. You can buy shirts by stopping by the club.
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Thanks to Robbie Wedler and Dan Shope for all the hard work they've put into making the new site a reality. As with any new project, there may still be a few kinks to iron out. We hope you find the new site to be functional and .

Hate it? Love it?

Sound off in the comments box below. Have a crazy feature suggestion? As long as it's legal in Pennsylvania, we'll give it consideration.