Double click the AFS Client icon in the menu bar.
AFS Client icon

Click on the Drive Letters tab and click "Add."
AFS Client window

Add in the drive letter and path like so:
Drive Letter: Drive Q; AFS Path: \afs\andrew\usr\sshamlia\public\fwr

Click OK and close AFS client.

To open the Programmer's Notepad IDE, click Start>Run and type Q:\pn . After opening your program, to compile, click Tools>[WinAVR] Make All. Once your code compiles, program your robot by holding button 1 while turning it on. The green LED should blink twice. Plug in the serial cable, and click Tools>[WinAVR] Program. Power cycle your robot and it should begin running your program.

If make all and make program do not work on your cluster computer:
Go to Start>Run and type cmd. Then, at the prompt, type Q:\path . Then, change your directory to where you have stored your code using the cd command. Once you are there, type make all to compile, and make program to program.