Club History Overview

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  • President: Steven Shamlian (sshamlia)
  • President: Richard Juchniewicz (rjuchnie)
  • Vice-President: Katherine Killfoile (kkillfoi)
  • Treasurer: Justine Rembisz (jrembisz)
  • Tech Guru/Webmaster: Aaron Johnson (aaronjoh)


  • Total members: ~80
  • Active members: ~50


Air hockey completed the vision aspect of the project. We have a program that can track a puck accurately at high speeds. The simulator is complete but needs improvement to account for realistic playing speeds and scenarios. The mechanical aspect is designed and construction has begun.

RobOrchestra completed the construction of two robotic instruments this year. Though not fully functional, all that is needed to complete them are slight modifications and tweaking. Also accomplished was the creation of the algorithm to improv music for the instruments. The goals for next year are to fully complete the current instruments, build a new instrument, and refine and expand the current music algorithm.

Colony has an new base and some exciting new behaviors. The new board is custom designed for Colony, but might be modified for use on other projects and classes. It has support for Zigbee wireless communication, along with other cool features. For behaviors, we have the robots playing a form of tag, follow the leader, and displaying some (basic) emotions. In the future, we hope to investigate scalability in the robot colony, as well as experiment with new behaviors and methods of control. Pictures and Videos.

Fun With Robots was taught for two more semesters, bringing the total to eight. A paper was published on the course in the 2006 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation; it can be found on the course website.

The Urban Search and Rescue Team Spider worked with 2 faculty & 2 grad students from the Intelligent Agents Lab in the Robotics Institute. We competed at the USOpen’s Robo Rescue competition, where we placed 5th and won best autonomy.

Battlebots did some serious damage at the annual Battlebots IQ competition. They won third place for the 2nd year in a row and were mentioned in a news article about the competition. Pix

The Submersible ROV team completed several more pool tests, and they haven’t sunk yet!


  • BattleBots won 3rd at the BattleBotsIQ competition
  • USAR won 5th and “Best Autonomy” at the Robocub Rescue competition
  • MOBOT 1st Place, Open Class, for Pikachu, by John Palmisano


  • Various RI shops donated a mill, lathe, drill press, 2 band saws, and other stuff
  • Tektronix agreed to donate an scope, which came over the summer.
  • Maxtor donated ~2.2TB of hard drives
  • AMD gave Air Hockey a computer and a table
  • Harris donated some money to the club in general
  • LM sponsored ROV

Other Information/Notes

Moved to UC LL89

Whole move took less than one day, except for the lathe and mill which needed special attention Big growth year for the club, with a ton of active members and projects.