Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How big is the Robotics Club?

As of the end of March, 2008, we had just over 150 dues paying members!

How many of the robots are built by faculty?

Absolutely none of the robots are built by faculty. They are built entirely by undergraduate students.

How can I sponsor the Robotics Club?

Get in touch with one of our officers. In return we'll probably give you a t-shirt, add your company to the sponsors page, and display your company's logo on a robot to be seen by many engineers and soon-to-be engineers.


What if I don't know anything about robots?

Thats fine! There is no entrance exam or prerequisites. No experience is required.

When does the club meet?

Different Robotics Club groups meet at different times. See the calendar for more info. Some of us spend all of our waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours here, so if you'd like to simply drop by and meet us, call to see if someone is in.

How can I become a member?

The only requirements to be a member are:

  • You must be a student at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • You must have paid your Carnegie Mellon Activities Fee.
  • You must pay dues for the semester or year you want to join for.

Dues for a full year are $30. With that, you will receive a free Roboclub t-shirt. If you want to sign up for a single semester only, dues are $15. This does not include a free Roboclub t-shirt.

That's it! No hassle, no fuss, no credit check, no 3-day waiting period, no blood tests, no robot probing! Even if you don't know much to begin with, you'll learn a lot throughout the year. To be a fully active member, you should join one of our work groups.

Note: If you pay dues that cover any Spring semester, your membership covers the subsequent Summer. If you pay dues during any Summer, your membership extends into the subsequent school year (the Fall for $15, the Fall and Spring for $30). You cannot pay $30 in the Spring and have your membership carry over through the next Fall.

How do I start a new project?

If you don't like any of the current projects that are being worked on in the Club, you can start your own! That is the beauty of RoboClub, we are here for you. Just approach an officer and tell them about your idea. They will help you get funding and publicity so you can recruit others into your crazy robot plot.

How do I become an officer?

Well, bribes are always good. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Traveler's Checks, PayPal or cash - but no personal checks. However, if you are broke, the best way to become an officer is to be involved with the Robotics Club. This means showing up to those hated cleaning parties and participating in a project or club activity. The current officers elect the upcoming officers in the Spring. We will solicit applications at that time.

Club Access & Resources

How do I get to the club room?

We are located in the University Center, LL89. The UC is located in the middle of campus. For a map and directions to the club room, see the the directions page.

How do I get a key to the club/shop room?

You can request a key by emailing the officers at roboticsclub dot org

Can I use the shop?

The shop is open to all dues-paying members of the Robotics Club that have gone through the appropriate shop tool training. Tool training must be approved by the shop master. Training sessions are held periodically and announced to the general body email list.

What are the rules for using shop tools?

First of all, use common sense when handling tools. If you're ever unsure about how to use a tool or whether or not you can use it, ask the shop master. Official rules will be posted when they are finalized, but for now, be smart about using the shop. If we catch you abusing a shop or otherwise mishandling the tools, we will not hesitate in revoking your access to the shop.